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Baltimore Baptist Association

Baltimore Baptist Association

Raw Reality-The Core Focus Of A Champion

“Critics focus on what they are going through; champions focus on where they are going.” The score of your past performance matters little. What counts is the next action you will take. All you can do regarding the past is to learn from it. But your past is no indicator of who you can become in the immediate future. Keep your eye on the road..... READ MORE

An open letter in support of Dr. Russell Moore

As the Leadership Team of the Baltimore Baptist Association (BBA), we value the diversity of peoples and cultures represented by the Southern Baptist Convention. We celebrate the common goal of living out the Great Commission through the unified cooperation of many diverse churches and believe this to be a distinguishing strength of our Southern Ba..... READ MORE

Old and New Come Together in One Place

FBC Dundalk has a solid history and has created a lasting legacy in this southern Baltimore community. Its inhabitants built the ships and tanks that were used in WWII. They birthed families that prized integrity, honor, and community pride. And the congregation of FBC Dundalk was there decade after decade creating a spiritual atmosphere thro..... READ MORE

Be The Church

How often have you heard, or possibly made the statement, “Kids these days!”? As I spend time praying and seeking God’s will for First Baptist Church, I am reminded that Christians spend a lot of time railing against society. We can become like the grumpy old man yelling at the children to "Stay off our lawn!".  When we get this wa..... READ MORE


Identity is no insignificant matter. People crave identity. From our earliest age, we have all pursued our true identity.  From the moment we became aware, we became self-aware.  We seek identity in the people, places and times in which we live.  Identity helps us to understand the anchors of mission, purpose, and vision. The i..... READ MORE

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