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Baltimore Baptist Association

Baltimore Baptist Association


Baltimore Baptist Association exists to encourage and equip pastors and churches as they fulfill the Great Commission in our region and beyond.



Prayer: Once per month our pastors gather together for prayer. The meeting is exclusively prayer for 60 minutes.  We lift up one another to the Lord.  We pray for our families.  We pray for our churches.  We pray for our city.  We pray for our struggles.  We prayerfully celebrate successes.  This is a “no frills” prayer gathering.

Fellowship: Once per month our pastors gather together for fellowship. We share a meal sponsored by the BBA, have a time of worship and receiving of the Word, and pray for one another.

Encouragement: While nearly all of our churches participate in the SBC’s international, national, and state missions agencies, we feel that our local association is best positioned by proximity to love and encourage one another. The BBA takes seriously our calling to lift up the arms of our pastors as Aaron and Hur supported Moses in Exodus 17:12.  Through gift cards, free resources, handwritten notes from our Leadership Team and financial blessings in times of need we aim to be a source of strength for our pastors as they serve the Lord through their local church.

Equipping: We have some amazingly talented people in our BBA churches.  It is our goal to foster environments where we freely equip one another on the journey of ministry.  In addition to creating environments for collaborative learning, we offer training a few times per year where the BBA pays all cost to the Pastors of partnering BBA churches, even when a fee is required of others.

Grants: In 2017 the BBA moved to a grant-based ministry model.  By limiting our overhead to approximately 35% of receipts we are unleashing the financial generosity of our churches back to where it matters most, the mission field.  If a partnering and participating BBA church has a need, we invite them to write a proposal to our Leadership Team indicating the scope of the project, financial need, and anticipated outcomes.  Each month our Leadership Team prays over these requests and votes to distribute resources as our budget allows.  This “Acts 2” approach to our budget means that each church is able to meet needs in the community even though an unforeseen need may not have been budgeted.

  • Do you know of a nearby homeless shelter in need of a stove?  The BBA can help.
  • Did a family become displaced due to a fire in your neighborhood?  The BBA can help.
  • Do you need financial help in creating marketing material, purchasing bibles or holding a block party?  The BBA can help.

The opportunities to serve our city in Jesus’ name are endless.  There is no limit to how the BBA may be able to help our pastors and local churches fulfill the Great Commission.

Soul Care: The BBA recognizes that one of God’s greatest vessels in the local church is the pastor. We also value the physical, emotional and spiritual health of our pastors.  Our grant-based ministry model is open for pastors who need assistance with medical bills, professional counseling services, and even assistance with funds to get away to rest and pray.  Pastors should contact our office for more information on how to take care of these needs.

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