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Raw Reality-The Core Focus Of A Champion

April 5, 2017 - posted by Ron Larson

“Critics focus on what they are going through; champions focus on where they are going.”

The score of your past performance matters little. What counts is the next action you will take. All you can do regarding the past is to learn from it. But your past is no indicator of who you can become in the immediate future. Keep your eye on the road ahead.

Criticism binds you to the past; confidence builds your future. Gather people close to you who have a heart for your vision. Ignore those who have no interest in your forward progress. Your destiny is on the line! It must be protected and provisioned. No one else is going to do that any better than you. Your passion is the power behind your pursuit in life. Nurture it and forward progress will be seen by all.

Take a step into your future. The chain critics attempt to clamp on you no longer matters. Their words are not based on your best interests, but in preserving their desired status quo. Their world is not your mindset any longer. You have a purpose. You know where you are going. You refuse to be distracted. You cannot give up or walk away. There is a reason that you are still on this side of dirt.

  • What do you need to do right now that will take you to your next level of leadership?
  • What must be dropped that is hindering your leadership?
  • What can be added that will bring value?
  • Who must be sought out?
  • What must be rejected?
  • Where does your dollars need to be delivered?
  • What do you need to read?
  • Who do you need to listen to for practical wisdom?
  • What voice needs to be shut off?

The only question remaining now is this: what will you do to move up?

Leadership is never a cost in the present when value is being added to your future.


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