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Baltimore Baptist Association

Baltimore Baptist Association

Welcome to the BBA!

The Baltimore Baptist Association strives to be a Baltimore “Blessing” Association.  We have not changed our name but we have changed our perspective, strategy and resource allocation to better serve the people of our metropolitan area.

We aim to bring the Kingdom of God to the Baltimore region by encouraging and equipping our member churches as they share the gospel by word and deed in love.  We are a diverse collection of churches united by our commitment to seeing Jesus made famous in this part of the world.

We are not interested lifting up the name of the BBA, rather, we seek to make the local church the hero of their neighborhood and Jesus the hero of the local church.  We are more engaged than ever in prayer over the people of this region.  We seek to be a valuable resource for our churches to develop greater fellowship, ministry, and missions as we share the gospel of Jesus throughout our area.

We look forward to serving the needs of pastors and churches in the Baltimore area. Welcome to the BBA.

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