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Baltimore Baptist Association

Baltimore Baptist Association

Our Leadership Team

  • Pastor Gregory Barnes, Moderator
  • Pastor Julius Thomas, Vice Moderator
  • Pastor Rod Montgomery, Treasurer
  • Pastor David Gaines, At-Large Member
  • Pastor Manoz Shrestha, At-Large Member
  • Vacant, At-Large Member


  • Pastor Joel Kurz, Executive Director
  • Ms. Theresa Sassard, Executive Administrator


As a collection of autonomous churches, the BBA is led by Jesus through the prayerful consideration of its members. The leadership of our Association rests with representatives from our member churches at our Annual Meeting.  In addition to the Annual Meeting, there are three times per year we hold quarterly meetings called our Executive Board.  Between Executive Board meetings leadership rests with an elected Leadership Team. Our Leadership Team is responsible for leadership through Association strategy, resource allocation, and overseeing Association staff.

Below are the portions of our bylaws most applicable to our leadership structure.

The Annual Meeting

The decision-making authority shall rest with the general body meeting in annual or called sessions.  This body shall consist of messengers elected by the churches.  Each church shall be entitled to two messengers for the first thirty (30) members plus one messenger for each additional thirty (30) members or fraction thereof, up to a maximum of twenty-five (25).

The Executive Board

The association’s Executive Board shall constitute the decision-making authority between annual or called sessions of the association.

This board shall consist of the senior pastor and two other members from each cooperating church or mission and the executive officers.

The Executive Director, the association’s ministry staff, and one designated representative of each affiliated ministry shall serve as ex-officio members of the Executive Board. Staff serving as pastors of cooperating churches shall be regular members of the board.

Cooperating churches are those churches that fulfill the characterization of member churches found in Article III, Section 1 and have contributed financially to the BBA within the 12 months prior to the meeting date.

A quorum shall be ten percent (10 %) of the total eligible board membership.


The association’s executive officers shall consist of the moderator, vice-moderator, treasurer, and any other officers as needed.

Persons receiving a simple majority of votes cast in an association meeting shall be elected.

The moderator, the vice-moderator, and the Executive Director shall be ex-officio members of the association boards, support teams, committees, and affiliated ministries. Neither the moderator nor the vice-moderator shall serve as ex officio members of the Nominating Committee.

The moderator, vice-moderator, and treasurer shall be the corporate trustees of the Baltimore Baptist Association.

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