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Baltimore Baptist Association

Baltimore Baptist Association

Excitement and service mark Crossover Baltimore

June 15, 2016

BALTIMORE, Md. – Dante Carter has compassion for the broken lives he sees around him. Brokenness would be a fair description for Baltimore’s Armistead Gardens.

Carter, youth pastor at Northeast Baptist Church (NBC) in the heart of the Armistead Gardens community, says he wanted Crossover Baltimore to communicate to the hurting people he encounters.

“There’s a lot of hurt and pain in Armistead Gardens,” said Carter. “We want to give people an opportunity to hear the gospel preached and to experience the love of Christ through the people of our church.”

Northeast Baptist was one of 36 Baltimore-area Baptist churches that joined arms with almost 2,000 volunteers from 18 states and Canada to serve the community and share Christ with Baltimore residents during Crossover. The event preceded the beginning of the 2014 Southern Baptist Convention Annual Meetingt taking place June 10-11 in the city.

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